Blue-jobs addresses the demand for a specialized job platform tailored specifically for the marine sciences and blue economy sectors.

We provide the most extensive job database in Europe and beyond within the blue sectors, enhancing visibility for marine careers and streamlining the search for specialized positions.
Our goal is to establish ourselves as the premier job search platform dedicated to the marine and maritime sectors, fostering connections between numerous job seekers and employers.
We advocate for sustainable blue economy employment opportunities that prioritize environmental conservation, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals.

What we do

For employers
  • Help employers find the very best candidates
  • Facilitate recruiters the search of experts
For job seekers
  • Support job seekers to find an ideal job
  • ⁠Stay updated with the latest news and tips to advance your career via our blog
For graduates
  • Coach college students, recent grads, career changers, and environmental professionals in successful career strategies
For blue economy
  • Conduct research and participate in scientific publications on blue skills and careers
  • Host and participate in marine environmental career seminars and webinars worldwide

Our Story: A Founder Team with a Mission

Discover the story behind Blue-jobs—a company founded on the idea that everyone should have access to great opportunities in marine conservation and the blue economy.

Meet Celia Murcia Lorenzo and Patricia Puig—the driving force behind Blue-jobs. We’re not just a job platform; we’re real people with a real story.

Celia’s Journey
Celia, an oceanographer and blue economy consultant, navigated through a decade of international projects. Faced with a common struggle—finding good job opportunities in the blue sector—she decided to create Blue-jobs in 2021. It became a place where people in marine sciences and the blue economy can connect with companies. Celia’s goal is clear: boost blue careers and ensure more people know about the impactful work happening in marine related jobs.
Patricia’s Expertise
Patricia Puig, PhD, is the founder of Oceanogami, a marine science and blue economy consultancy. With a global work experience, she has been through the challenging process of job searching, applying, and interviewing numerous times. This extensive journey led her to mentor young professionals in marine conservation. Her keen interest in co-founding Blue-jobs arises from the personal challenges she faced in the job market and the desire to address these challenges for others.

Our Commitments

We’re committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone in the blue sector job market.
Blue-jobs is dedicated to supporting sustainable practices within the marine industry.
We strive to empower both job seekers and employers in the blue sector by fostering connections and opportunities.