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Calls for marine experts: rosters at international organisations

Calls for marine experts: rosters at international organisations

If you are a marine consultant looking for opportunities at international organisations, keep reading the post!

Usually, the international organisations launch a call of experts to create a database of experts who will be called when the opportunity arises. Normally, they are looking for senior profiles (at least, more than 7 years of experience) but the entry requirements are different for each organisation.

We have compiled a list of organisations that often require experts for technical assistances and consultancies in topics such as maritime transport, marine pollution, climate change, fisheries, ocean literacy and blue economy, among others.

Some of the calls are closed at this moment but we encourage you to keep an eye on the websites as they may re-open soon!

1. European Maritime Safety Agency

While implementing its core tasks, the Agency organises, develops or implements numerous activities, that may require specific expertise to complement the one existing inhouse. The specific expertise could be provided by individuals identified through this Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) and included in the EMSA Database of External Experts and will support the implementation of the Agency’s activities. In order to be considered for inclusion in the Database, candidates shall have:

  • University degree of at least bachelor level or equivalent and at least 7 years of relevant professional experience after obtaining the degree
  • or minimum 10 years of any relevant professional experience without a degree
  • Knowledge of written and spoken English at proficiency level C1.

Incoming applications will be in principle evaluated on a quarterly basis.

Deadline: 18.02.2026

More information at:

2. International Maritime Organization

IMO engages expert consultants from a range of fields across the organization, as and when need arises. IMO consultants are qualified experts in one or several areas of expertise, which can be indicated when registering with IMO as a consultant. Consultants must be fluent in one or more of the UN official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish Consultancy contracts may be specific to a location or home-based depending on the requirements of the hiring section.

How to apply: Register with IMO on the IMO E-Roster. After logging in, select “Roster of Consultants public registration and self-management” and complete the online Personal History Form. Registered profiles are assessed by relevant officers in IMO and qualified applicants are added to the E-Roster as candidates for IMO consultancies. As the need arises for consultation, an IMO officer will review the profiles of consultants with the requisite experience and contact those being shortlisted for an activity.

Registrations and more information at:

3. Marine Stewardship Council – Technical consultants

If you are a fisheries expert with experience in implementing fishery improvements, you may be eligible to apply to be listed on the MSC technical consultants register. Depending on your level of practical experience in the application of the MSC Fisheries Standard, you will be listed as either a full or associate consultant.

To apply to be listed as a technical consultant you should either have:

  • a degree in fisheries, marine conservation biology or a related field, or
  • at least 3 years’ experience in marine conservation biology, fisheries, natural resources or environmental management.

The academic and/or work experience should cover at least one of the following areas of fishery expertise:

  • fish stock assessment
  • biology/ecology
  • fishing impacts on aquatic ecosystems
  • fishery management and operations.

You must demonstrate an excellent understanding of the MSC Fisheries Standard and provide evidence of experience in stakeholder facilitation and project management. Applicants must provide a log of fisheries related project work over the last 3 years. All applications are subject to review by internal and external expert panels.

Applications and more information at:

4. The Ocean Decade Expert Roster

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 (‘Ocean Decade’) has launched a call for experts to join a new roster to assist the Decade Coordination Unit and IOC-UNESCO Secretariat with strategic, technical and review processes. The roster will have the three following roles: (i) input to strategic ambition and target setting for the Ocean Decade Challenges; (ii) input to the technical review of Decade programme and project submissions to inform the deliberations of the Ocean Decade Advisory Board, and the decisions on endorsement by the IOC Executive Secretary; and (iii) input to Decade review processes, including the State of the Decade reports and discussions during the Ocean Decade Conference series. Please note that membership of the Expert Roster is on a rolling, voluntary basis and will not be remunerated.

More information:

5. EUREKA – The public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation

EUREKA engages independent experts to evaluate applications submitted to Eureka network programmes (e.g. Eurostars, Network projects, Innowwide) and other national-level R&D programmes.  As an expert, you will work remotely and be paid a fixed fee per project (depending on the programme).

Expert profile:

  • have an excellent level of English (both written and spoken),
  • hold a higher education diploma (master’s degree or higher),
  • have minimum 10 years of professional experience in your field(s) of expertise,
  • have an excellent understanding of business principles and the market application of R&D projects and results,
  • have an appreciation for the innovation, business landscape and emerging markets in your field of expertise and
  • have a good understanding of current research developments and state-of-the-art in your field of expertise.

Our experts have a wide variety of profiles (from industry specialists and academics to private investors) working in all technological domains and markets.

More information at:

Closed applications that may be re-opening soon

6. Union for the Mediterranean

The roster of experts centralizes a list of senior and junior experts from member states of the Union for the Mediterranean that may be contracted for specific tasks in the following domains: Business Development, Higher Education and Research, Social & Civil Affairs, Transport, Urban Development, Energy, Climate Change, Environment, Water, Building Strategic Partnerships, Public Affairs and Outreach, and Institutional Affairs/Relations.

The applications for the roster of experts are currently closed so check it again soon.

More information at:

7. Asian Development Bank (ADB)

The experts pool is currently closed so we recommend you to check it again soon.

More information:

8. The Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund engages individual consultants for a wide range of professional assignments, as required for its operations. The fund seeks experienced, creative and results-oriented professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets in various disciplines.

More information at: