Ittinsect - Feed for the Ocean

Ittinsect - Feed for the ocean is a biotech startup active in the Blue Economy sector.
We create sustainable proteins for aquaculture feeds by the biotech treatment of insects, agricultural by-products and micro-algae. We aim to fast-track the ecological transition of aquaculture and minimize its negative impact on marine life and the environment. Currently, over 25 million tons of fish caught annually (almost a quarter of the total) are used for animal feed rather than human consumption.
Our mission is to protect the oceans from overfishing by making aquaculture less impactful and completely independent of wild fishing, thus eliminating human harm to marine ecosystems. Aquaculture is the most sustainable source of animal protein, and Ittinsect empowers fish farmers to be even more environmentally friendly with feeds that reduce their impact on marine ecosystems.
How do we do it? With a team of marine biologists, biotechnologists, engineers, and boundless motivation. We received 1.5M€ in funding from Italian, Norwegian, and Portuguese impact-focused funds as well as national and international grants and today we're gearing up for a production scale-up that will allow us to sell our products internationally.

Office work
€35,000 - €70,000 yearly
Ittinsect - Feed for the Ocean Hybrid (Rome, Italy)
🔍 **Your role** As we embark on the next chapter of our success story, we are actively seeking a strategic and results-driven Head of Business Development to build and lead a dynamic marketing and sales teams. If you're a visionary leader with a track record of driving revenue and shaping impactful marketing strategies, we invite you to be a key player in our exciting journey. ✨ **What will you do?** You will boost Ittinsect's sales growth in the existing market (Italy) and you will lead the internationalization and expansion into other European countries, including Norway, France and beyond. Spacifically, you will 1. **Sales Team Leadership:** Build, lead, and coordinate sales teams in each country, ensuring they are equipped to meet sales targets. Provide ongoing training and support to enhance team capabilities. 2. **Network Development:** Identify and establish relationships with clients, distributors, retailers, and other key partners in France...
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