Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins

Plàncton is not just a company, but a dynamic life project and our concerns about the protection, conservation and management of sea and coastal environments form the foundations of the projects, educational services, and technical studies we offer.

We are a marine consultancy, specialized on outreach and science communication, but also we own a diving center.

Field work
Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins L'Ametlla de Mar, Spain
We are looking for a diving instructor to work in l'Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona) for the season from May to October, with a good command of French and Spanish, and if possible Catalan.  It is essential to be SSI with current teaching status and to have a car to be able to access the work place. Other skills and knowledge of marine biology would be an asset. The tasks to be carried out would be to teach diving and snorkeling courses, guided dives, preparation/cleaning/disinfection of material and equipment, loading tanks and others.
Closing date:
Junior Senior