• Alicante, Spain
  • 13/03/2024
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Job Description

Become a Professional Diver while you are involved in a Mediterranean Biodiversity Project!

During your dive master training you can participate in our biodiversity projects and get the Research Diver SDI certification. 

Program also includes opportunities for instructor training following your qualification as a DiveMaster. 

All data collected is passed on to local authorities and University in order that they may implement new protection policies to ensure long term survival of the marine ecosystem in the Mediterranean coasts. You could also expect to participate in environmental activities and environmental education classes.

We combine two points of view: a Researcher Marine biologist Course Director and a High Level Cave and Tech Dive Instructor Trainer in our Diving Center in Alicante (Spain).

You can check our profile in these link: 

PhD. Mercedes Varela

IT Mr. Oscar L. Garcia

Posidonia ecosports is a pioneer DIVE center with the focus in marine biology and conservation where most of the Staff are marine biologists.  We are specialists in high performance divers, such as cave explorers, submarine archaeologists and marine researchers.

We offer all diving levels in recreational, technical, caves and professional with the best instructors in each area. 

Indeed, Posidonia Ecosports is not only a Diving Center, it is also a Environmental Education Center. We have set different scientific projects in motion and they are focused on land and marine conservation, climatic change and  footprint for school and high school students, university undergraduates and the general public.

If you want to train and get experience and education you can apply to join us! You can involve in Posidonia Ecosports Internship Projects 

Why do an internship?


- you are working with real students and certified divers.

- you will get the chance to see real problemas as they happen.

- you will see the way an instructor deals with problems first hand.

- and you will learn with the most High Level Instructors and Marine Biologist Scientific Staff.  

Who is concern?

To all divers who want to become a diving professional and have a vocation for teaching, as well as an interest in sustainable diving and marine biodiversity.  

No matter your diving qualification, you can sign up and get your diving certifications.

It is an intensive, from 2 to 3 month experience (depending on your initial qualification), where we train you as a scientific diver and as a dive professional so you can work in any dive center in the world. 

How to sign on?

Send a cover letter and your dive level to mail or whatsapp a 0034665908763. 

Career level


Career options

Academic, research and sciences, Non academic career