Doctoral Fellow SUPROSEA project (SUstaianble PROteins from SEAweeds)

  • Ghent University
  • Ghent, Belgium
  • 04/06/2024
Office work Blue economy Fisheries and aquaculture Marine bio/technology

Job Description

The Sustainable Systems Engineering (STEN) research group at Ghent University has opened a PhD position in the framework of the Flemish funded (FWO) SUPROSEA project (SUstaianble PROteins from SEAweeds), involving academia, industry and governmental organisations.

The SUPROSEA project is framed within the Flemish Protein Strategy, which aims for a 40%-60% balance between animal and plant protein and considers the limited agricultural land in Flanders. SUPROSEA focuses on using aquatic biomass, specifically various species of seaweed, as a sustainable protein source. The project will optimize local seaweed cultivation conditions and test mild extraction techniques. Additionally, it will ferment the residual biomass to produce microbial proteins and explore a zero-waste biorefinery approach. The main goal is to identify the most sustainable biorefinery process.

The main sub-objectives of the PhD thesis include:
🐟 support in the development of seaweed biorefineries and collecting the necessary data
🐟 performing scale-up modelling, and prospective life cycle assessment, as the technology will be tested on low TRL
🐟 methodological advancements in the field of life cycle assessment, to better account for biodiversity and ecosystem services impacts
🐟 generating environmental impact assessment results for selected seaweed biorefinery scenarios
🐟 developing an integrated and holistic sustainability method (including economic aspects as well)

If you are passionate about the sustainability of the Blue Economy 🌊 , you can find more info and apply in the link below.

Application deadline: June 17th 2024

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