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Blue Economy and Recruitment Consultancy S.L Leiria, Portugal
APRESENTAÇÃO DE CANDIDATURA O concurso está aberto entre 10 de junho e as 24h00 (hora de Lisboa) de 28 de junho de 2024. As candidaturas e os documentos de suporte à candidatura previstos no presente Aviso de Abertura de Concurso devem ser submetidos, obrigatoriamente, por correio eletrónico enviado para bolsas.investigaç e Cada candidato poderá submeter apenas uma candidatura, sob pena de cancelamento de todas as candidaturas submetidas. A prestação de falsas declarações ou a realização de atos de plágio por parte dos candidatos é motivo para cancelamento da candidatura sem prejuízo da adoção de outras medidas de natureza sancionatória. TIPO E DURAÇÃO DAS BOLSAS A bolsa é do tipo mista e terá a duração anual (12 meses), renovável por iguais períodos até ao máximo de 4 anos (48 meses). A Bolsa terminará assim que os objetivos sejam atingidos, o que poderá ocorrer antes de 4 anos após o seu início. O período do plano de trabalhos que...
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Junior Senior
Field work
Blue Economy and Recruitment Consultancy S.L
Tipo de embarque: Campaña científica bordo de buque palangrero de profundidad Dirección de Campaña: Instituto Español de Oceanografía Duración de la campaña: 25 días Puerto de embarque: Irlanda Puerto de desembarque: Burela Fecha de embarque: finales junio 2024 Número de puestos: 1 Tareas: – Muestreo de capturas retenidas y descartes (biológico y de tallas) – Muestreo e identificación de organismos marinos potencialmente vulnerables Se solicita: – Libreta marítima y reconocimiento médico en regla – Se valorará muy positivamente la experiencia en embarques, especialmente en palangre de fondo, así como la experiencia con especies demersales Se ofrece: – Contrato en el régimen del mar – Gestión de traslados – Seguro de embarque – Remuneración acorde con el puesto Interesados enviar CV a:
Closing date:
Junior Senior
Field work Office work
€21,560 yearly
Blue Economy and Recruitment Consultancy S.L Barcelona, Spain
Keywords: lakes, carbon cycle, calcite, whiting, water scarcity Objectives: i) Determine how calcite precipitation/dissolution impact the overall C cycle in inland waters; ii) Identify the key drivers for the occurrence of whiting events in lakes and reservoirs; iii) Evaluate the effect of water scarcity on inorganic C processes. Methodological approach: Depending on the candidate’s interest, several approaches can be followed, including the analysis of existing databases of lake biogeochemistry for a large number of lakes and reservoirs, multi-spectral optical satellite data, in situ measurements campaigns, experiments in the lab, and process-based numerical modelling. Scientific environment: the successful candidate will become core member of the Carbon and Nutrient Biogeochemistry in Aquatic Systems team at the Department of Ecology of the University of Barcelona, Spain. The candidate will benefit from strong interactions with other researchers working on this topic at...
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Junior Senior
Laboratory Field work
Blue Economy and Recruitment Consultancy S.L Naples, Italy
1.   PLASTIcity of seagrass Clones against AGEing (PLASTIC-AGE) Director of Studies:   Gabriele Procaccini Integrative Marine Ecology Department Seat: Naples 2.   Reconstruction of Nitric Oxide Signaling networks during the embryonic development of Amphioxus (NOSA) Director of Studies:   Salvatore D'Aniello Biology and Evolution of Marine Organisms Department Seat: Naples 3.   The molecular mediators of the ribbon-like Golgi architecture in animal cells Director of Studies:   Francesco Ferraro Biology and Evolution of Marine Organisms Department Seat: Naples 4.   Identification of refugia from climate warming in the eastern Mediterranean Sea Director of Studies:   Paolo Giulio Albano Marine Animal Conservation and Public Engagement Department Seat: Naples, Darwin Dohrn Museum 5.   From Regulatory Networks to Embryonic Architecture: a Computational Perspective into the Genomic Syntax of Developmental Programs Director of...
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Junior Senior

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The world's oceans hold immense potential for discovery, innovation, and sustainable resource management. A career in marine sciences offers the chance to explore this vast frontier, contributing to vital research and conservation efforts. Pursuing a master's degree in this field equips you with specialized knowledge and skills, opening doors to diverse career paths in research, academia, government agencies, non-profit organizations,...
Your Passport to a Thriving Career The blue economy –from sustainable fishing to offshore renewable energy– is a rapidly growing field with immense career potential. At Blue-jobs , we're dedicated to connecting talented individuals with exciting opportunities in this dynamic space. We know that networking and face-to-face interactions are invaluable , particularly in specialized fields like marine science and ocean...
The blue economy encompasses sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improving livelihoods, and jobs while ensuring the health of ocean ecosystems. Below are five master's programs specifically designed to prepare students for impactful careers in this dynamic field. 1️⃣ Ghent University – Blue Resources for the Blue Economy This program at Ghent University in Belgium, focuses on the...
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